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Noah's Ark / 2010 / Zimbabwe to North Korea

From the infamous dictator to another - Mugabe planned to send then North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il pairs of exotic animals from Zimbabwe, before having to change his plans due to fears over animal welfare. 

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A Camel (Or 2!) / 2013 / Mali to France

The camel given to France for liberating Mali met an unfortunate end as, when places under the care of a family in Timbuktu, it was killed and eaten in a stew. Mali reportedly then gave France a new camel, this time sent straight to Paris. 

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Reset Button / 2009 / USA / to Russia

In an attempt to improve relations the US offered Russia the symbolic gift of a reset button. Unfortunately, they used the wrong Russian word for \"reset\", which instead read as \"overcharge\". Oops! 

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Giant Grasshopper Shaped Wine Cooler / 1972 / France to Britain

Despite not having the political importance of other presents on this list, the grasshopper shaped wine cooler, given from President Pompidou to the Queen, makes the list through its sheer oddity! 

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ScanEagle Drone / 2013 / Iran to Russia

Iran gifted Russia to ScanEagle drone after reverse-engineering of captured US model - perhaps as a statement to the US and a show of its technological capabilities. 

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iPod / 2007 / USA to Britain

Obama doesn\'t seem like he has had much luck with gifts to British as controversy, or bemusement, was caused when he offered an iPod to the Queen. Her favorite genre of music and podcast topic has yet to be revealed.. 

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DVDs / 2009 / USA to Britain

The British press complained of offence when, in return for the gift of a pen holder crafted from the sister ship of the Resolute Desk, Obama gave Gordon Brown a multitude of his favorite movies as DVDs. To make matters worse the DVDs were unplayable due to regional restrictions! 

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Straw Penis Sheath / 2010 / Tanna to Britain

A tribe that live on the South Pacific Island of Tanna and worship Prince Philip as a God gifted the man himself with his own penis sheath, however, it is unconfirmed whether the present is frequently part of his attire. 

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Sword of Stalingrad / 1943 / Britain to Soviet Union

The ceremonial long-sword, forged and inscribed by George VI, was presented to Stalin by Churchill during the Tehran Conference as a token of appreciation to the Soviet soldiers who fought during the Battle of Stalingrad. 

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Whales Tooth (tabula) / 1977 / Fiji to Britain

When the Queen visited Fiji, local chiefs performed a traditional ceremony of invitation, before offering her the most prized possession of any Fijian rules, a whales tooth (tabula). 

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2 Giant Pandas / 1972 / China to USA

Following Nixon\\\'s visit to Chinain 1972 two giant pandas, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing were gifted to the US. The trend of the Chinese offering Pandas as diplomatic gifts has led to term \\\"Panda Diplomacy\\\". 

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The Statue of Liberty / 1886 / France to USA

The Statue of Liberty, an iconic symbol of freedom, was financed and built by the French before being delivered to the US to commemorate the alliance between France and the USA during the American Revolution. 

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Christmas Tree / 1945 - Present / Norway to Britain

A focal point of London\\\'s Trafalgar Square during the Christmas period - the gift is donated to the people of Britain by the city of Oslo yearly as a sign of gratitude for British support of Norway during WWII. 

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Trojan Horse / 1180 BC / Greece to Troy

The Historical accuracy of the Trojan Horse, a subterfuge that the Greeks \"gifted\" to the Trojans as a means of entering the city to end a 10 year siege, is disputed, however this is definitely a present you don\'t want to receive! 

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Stadium / 2011 / China to Costa Rica

The $100 million Estadio National in Costa Rica was funded and built by China as a gift. One of the most expensive gifts we have come across, reports state that it may have been part of an economic deal between the nations. 

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Zarafa the Giraffe / 1826 / Egypt to France

Given to Charles X from the Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt as a means of persuading the French to stop supporting the Greeks in a fight against the Sultan of Turkey. Zarafa caused a huge stir in France and lived for 18 years. 

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Resolute Desk / 1880 / Britain to USA

Queen Victoria gave President Hayes the desk crafted from the timbers of HMS Resolute - a ship that became stuck in ice and was refurbished and returned to Britain by the States at a time of political tensions between countries. 

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20,000 Tulip Bulbs / 1945 - Present / The Netherlands to Canada

As thanks for sheltering Princess Juliana and her daughters during Nazi occupation during WWII, the Dutch now send Canada 20,000 Tulip bulbs yearly, with half coming from the Royal Family and half from the Dutch Bulb Growers Association. 

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Source : Justtheflight.co.uk

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