Baby Shower Gifts History

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Baby showers. They’re a perfect occasion to help out new parents with the things they need for their newborns! But have you ever wondered how this tradition came about?

Back Showers date back to Ancient Greek times. It was actually mothers that gave gifts to others.

The forerunner to modern baby showers were religious ceremonies. Parents-to-be started receiving gifts from others since the 14th century. Baby shower popularity has grown since Victorian times.

Baby Shower Fun Facts

  • These days more dads get involved and pampered too.
  • You don’t need to be a religious to have a baby shower.
  • Personalized baby gifts are quite popular for baby showers.
  • Nappy cakes are also another popular gift ideas for expectant parents.
  • It’s not weird to invite male relatives and friends to baby showers!

It’s no secret that baby showers are fun and happy time for involved. Even the task of choosing and  buying gifts for a relative or friend’s baby shower is exciting.

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