Giftology : Brief History of why we give

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Ancient Egyptians

A gift or war? Back in Ancient Egypt, people gave gifts to kings to win personal favors or form new allegiances.

Roman Innovation

Gift-giving in Roman times extended the concept beyond just war and politics. Gifts were used to celebrate Saturnalia, and early for of Christmas. Common gifts were evergreen branches sweet cakes.

Birthday is Born (1400-1500)

Like many traditions in Europe, gifts and birthday parties began as a nice way to ward off those ever-present evil spirits trying to kills folks.

Victorian Christmas

Gifts become a celebration of family and love. The most cherished Christmas gifts for Victorians were handmade objects, needlework, or something useful.

1950s Fruit Baskets

If you wanted to thank a client in the 1950s, you’d send them a cellophane-wrapped basket of fruit. Fruit was universally liked and easy to deliver.



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