Housewarming Traditions Around the World

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Presenting a friend of relative with a housewarming gift in honor of their new home is a practice that dates back centuries and spans cultures worldwide. Back then, neighbors would show up at your new digs with firewood to literally warm up your house. Today, most of us are happy to receive an assortment of cheeses or a beautiful bottle of wine. This symbolic gesture is a tradition that has been – and will continue to be – upheld for many years. Here is a look at how cities around the globe celebrate and warm up a new house.

Housewarming Traditions around the world

Rome, Italy

A housewarming is a cause for celebration and a chance to welcome friends and family to the new home.

Berlin, Germany

A housewarming is an informal celebration among friends and family.

Moscow, Russia

A traditions of housewarming is thought to originate in Russia, when a villager named Boris and his wife Yelena presented a gift of bread and salt to dignitaries who had just arrived to the village.

Washington, DC. United States

Housewarming ceremonies typically taken on the form of a casual party for a friends and family.

New Delhi, India

The Griha Pravesh ceremony, meaning “entering new house” is conducted by a Brahmin’s performance of a sacred prayer, or Pooja.

Bangkok, Thaliand

Housewarming, called Keun Ban Mai, is done in two parts.First, a family moves all the furniture into the house. Then they spend their first night in the house on a chosen lucky day. (Usually Friday or Saturday)

The symbolic meaning of your gift:

  • Honey for a sweet life.
  • Bread so they shell newer go hungry
  • Broom to sweep way evil.
  • Salt so their life will always have flavor.
  • Coin for good fortune.
  • Candle so they will always have light.
  • Roasters to keep trespassers away from the home.
  • Blue Bird for god luck
  • Olive Oil to keep a loved one faithful
  • Fruit for a hospitable home
  • Plants for a prosperous life.
  • Wine so they newer go thirsty.

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